Smoke & Mirrors

We all have days where things are not going to go as planned, but sometimes you have to take a step back and look at the big picture and take those days with a grain of salt and a lesson rather than just a bad day.

IMG_0258 copy.jpg

The other day I went on an impromptu photo adventure with some friends and well, on the way there, it started raining. We drove pretty far away to a beautiful location (I shoot here on occasion and you will see that most of my images are taken here.) and luckily it wasn't raining too hard, but it was extremely muggy and hot AND overcast. We finally found a location we liked and I have been wanting to play more with color and smoke, yes...don't do this...I am almost positive it is illegal to use these in a park but.....that hasn't stopped me before. Well, we happened to move locations in the same area a couple of times due to some guy following us...we weren't sure if he was generally interested, being creepy, or an undercover park ranger (pretty sure that doesn't exist). Either way it totally ruined and killed the mood so we decided to leave before it got worse, thank God that we did though. Some times it's better to play it safe instead of to put you or your model in a bad situation. 

IMG_0212 copy.jpg

After leaving, we ended up finding another place to shoot.


As photographers we can sometimes put these grand elaborate ideas for shoots into our heads which can then lead to us getting our hopes up. In the end it is sometimes best to take a step back and allow the day to unfold as it is and as it will and learn that some things are out of your control.


It's a smoke and mirrors game inside of our heads and letting it go can help us see what is right in front of us instead of the "what ifs"